what do australian possums eat

What Do Australian Possums Eat? – Australian Possum Diet & Eating Habits

Do you have any idea what do Australian possums eat in the natural habitat? Australian possums, unlike North American Opossums, are divided into two main classes: brushtail...
do possums eat snakes

Do Possums Eat Snakes? – Possum Snake Relationship

Possums are generalist feeders and the reason why they are so widespread is due to their flexible diet. They can digest just about anything from small insects,...
do possums eat ticks

Do Possums Eat Ticks? – How Many Ticks do Possums Eat?

Possums are pretty handy animals in that they fend off ticks that carry Lyme disease. They are very fond of eating ticks. Studies suggest that opossums consume...
do possums eat chickens

Do Possums Eat Chickens? – Possum Chicken Relationship

Possums are generally omnivores but they do take on animals that aren’t part of their staple diet. While they prefer to feed on small invertebrates opossums are...
what do opossums eat

What Do Opossums Eat? Opossum Diet and Eating Habits

Unlike Australian possums, opossums belong to the order Didelphimorphia. They live in the United States of America. Opossums are probably the biggest marsupials of America. This article...
what do brushtail possums eat

What Do Brushtail Possums Eat? – Brushtail Possum Diet and Eating Habits

Brushtail possums (Trichosurus Vulpecula) are generally folivores. Like most other possums, they are nocturnal too. Possums do occasionally take on small mammals including rats. Common brushtail possums...
what fruits do possums eat

What Fruit Do Possums Eat?…and Why? – Possums Secondary Diet

Possums are generalist feeders in that they do not have any preference for specific foods. Nearly all possums will eat buds, shoots, bark, and fern flesh. However,...
what do possums like to eat

What Do Possums Eat? – Possum Diet and Eating Habits

Possums like to eat fruits, plants, seeds, buds, and small vertebrates. Nearly all possums including opossums are omnivores but most of them are vegetarians. Possums likely supplement...