do possums dig holes

Do Possums Dig Holes or Burrows? – Opossum Burrows

OPOSSUMS are not generally known for digging holes or even burrows. They use dens of other animals particularly the abandoned ones. These hideous—seemingly threatening creatures ought to...
do possums live in groups

Do Possums Live in Groups? – Possums in Groups

American possums (commonly known as ‘opossums’) are almost entirely solitary except for the breeding season when females are often seen with their babies. However, the Australian possums...
where do possums live

Where Do Possums Live? – Possum Habitat

The Virginia opossum occupies much of the North America and Central America including southern Ontario, Costa Rica, and Rockies. The opossum’s population is on an increasing trend...
where do possums sleep during the day

Where Do Possums Sleep During the Day?

Possums are strictly nocturnal animals so they sleep during the daylight hours. Like many other small mammals, possums will find shelter, log, or a nest to enjoy...