do possums in winter

Do Possums Hibernate in Winter? – Opossum Hibernation

POSSUMS do not generally hibernate or perhaps they just don’t need to. Opossums will do just about anything to go by the extreme cold weather and their...
what does a possum poop look like

What Does a Possum Poop Look Like? Possum Poop

PEOPLE often wonder what does a possum poop look like particularly when find one in their attic or in backyard gardens. Opossum’s poop basically looks similar to...
are possums nocturnal

Are Possums Nocturnal? Is a Possum Nocturnal?

MOST possums are strictly nocturnal in that they become most active at night. The peak timing of possums’ activity is from dusk to dawn. As the night...
do opossums carry rabies

Do Possums Carry Rabies? – Rabies and Opossums

Yes, but the chances are far too remote. First, you’ve got to understand that any mammal no matter how small it is can carry rabies. Some animals...
do possums live in trees

Do Possums Live in Trees? – Can Possums Climb?

Possums generally prefer to live in trees partly because they find fruits up there and partly due to the fact that they feel safe from potential predators....
how long do possums live

How Long Do Possums Live? – Possum Lifespan

Opossums are pretty small marsupials and their lifespans are short too. They share their unusually short lifespans with many other marsupials. The Virginia opossum is thought to...
do possums hang by their tails

Do Possums Hang by their Tails? – Possum Tails

Opossums are some of the least understood mammals of North America. In this article we are going to talk about if possums do hang by their tails....
are possums dangerous

Are Possums Dangerous to Humans or Dogs?

In this article we are going to study how possums are dangerous to your pets or even humans. Although possums aren’t really threatening to humans in a...